Where to Buy a Vaporizer in Canada

Where to Buy a Vaporizer in Canada

November 30, 2018

If you’re looking to buy a vaporizer in Canada, you’ve got options. Not just in terms of the companies that make vaporizers, but also in terms shopping venues. Even before cannabis was legal in Canada, vaporizers were readily available. You wouldn’t find them in major retail stores (nor will you at the time of writing), but you would find them in speciality shops – most of which featured at least one pot leaf emblazoned on the window – and online.

In this article, we welcome you to Vape Consumerism 101, and look at the three main ways you can find a vaporizer in post-legalization Canada.

Government Stores & Online Channels

Though cannabis was legalized federally, each province and territory was given autonomy over how the substance will be distributed. This mostly boiled down to whether cannabis would be made available via government owned or private sellers.

In some provinces, like Alberta, cannabis was privatized. In other provinces, like Ontario, cannabis was rolled out through public stores with the intent of permitting privatization the following year.

In provinces where cannabis is public, government stores now sell vaporizers. For example, if you visit the Ontario Cannabis Store website, you can purchase a vaporizer, along with the cannabis products it sells.

Private Online Distributors

Before provincial government online stores were selling vaporizers, private online retailers had long been operating.

While the process of buying a vaporizer through a privately run website is similar to buying from a government website, there are definite benefits to choosing the former. Some of these benefits include:

  •   A better selection with more brands available
  •   A wider price range
  •   A wider range in quality
  •   More specialized products
  •   More information about the products readily available
  •   Better opportunities for discounts (think about how often the LCBO has a big sale)

These benefits are not only the result of single brands having greater freedom to create vaporizers and engage with consumers, but also from consumers having the option to comparison shop.

It’s always advisable to read up on what distinguishes one vaporizer for the next, so you’re sure you’re getting a quality product, and one that functions in the way you want. You can read reviews, product manuals or blog articles. But typically, private sites are more forthcoming with the details they provide and offer a better online shopping experience.

You’ll see the difference if you compare the OCS site to a private site. Conveniently, you can use our site as the second component of the equation, since you’re already here! Check out the vaporizers and accessories we have. As a private company, it’s our job to teach you all the intricacies that we have engineered into our devices.

Private Brick and Mortar Shops

Some vape brands that sell their wares online also sell in brick and mortar locations. In some cases, they may sell from a store they own, but most commonly, they’ll distribute to retail stores that offer a variety of brands.

There’s certainly an appeal to visiting a store before buying any product; holding something in your hands can give you a clearer perception of how it compares to similar products as well as being able to ask a live human what they prefer and how things compare. But of course, you sacrifice the convenience of buying online, often pay more and don’t have the accompanying information you can find on the product’s official website.

If you do opt for brick and mortar, it’s a good idea to read up on the products beforehand, because regardless of where and how you buy, it’s always important to make an informed decision, one that you have objectively researched as this is an investment in your lungs

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