Can I use a vaporizer for medical purposes?

Can I use a vaporizer for medical purposes?

January 04, 2019

Has a medical expert prescribed you a dry leaf or extract product? If so, that prescription probably included a recommended dose suitable for your condition. It’s also possible, though less likely, that the medical professional provided a recommendation for how you should consume the product.

Following the recommendation of experts is always advisable, but if you’ve been given the choice of how to consume the product prescribed to you, it’s important to realize that dried leaf and extracts can be consumed in numerous ways.  

Methods for consuming dry leaf and extracts

Dried leaf products can be smoked. Hopefully you were sitting down for that groundbreaking revelation!

You can also digest it as food, preferably as part of a larger recipe, not just a handful of dried flower. Believe us when we tell you it’s better in a chocolate chip cookie than straight herb. Plus, straight herb would be akin to eating spinach; it needs to be decarbed for effect.

You can also apply it topically, spray it under your tongue, dab it, chew it, drink it, apply it as a patch and do whatever the verb associated with a tincture is. And you could take it as a suppository? Just making sure you know you know that’s still on the table.

Both dried leaf and extracts can also be vaped, of course. Depending on how you arrived here, and by how good your powers of deduction are, you may have determined that we sell vaporizers. We thus feel compelled to mention vaping as an option.

Is one method best for medical consumption?

Sometimes doctors will suggest how you should consume the product prescribed to you. For example, if you’re prescribed a high dose you’ll likely need to take a concentrated extract.

But if the dosages are small enough that they can be fulfilled through more traditional means, then it’s really up to you. No one option is inherently best for medical consumption; it ultimately comes down to your own preferred choice.

There’s no reason to disqualify any of your options.  

Vaping is a good option for medical products

Even though it comes down to whatever method you’re most comfortable with, vaping deserves consideration. Vaping is a more efficient way to obtain these compounds than smoking, and the adverse effects - toxins, pulmonary issues and sore throat, etc. - are reduced.

We advocate for vaping as a healthier way to consume and that’s as true as ever for medical products. Because not only are you better able to absorb the beneficial parts of the flower, you also avoid auxiliary damage to your body.

Smoking, on the other hand, lets you obtain the benefits you are after, but less efficiently and with some potentially adverse byproducts. Vaping is widely acknowledged as a healthier means of consumption, which makes it a great option when health is at the forefront of your reasons for using in the first place. But of course, it’s no suppository.

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