VAPIUM® Warranty

VAPIUM® Inc. believes strongly in the quality of its products. We guarantee our products to be free of malfunction due to defect in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase of your vaporizer. 

We offer an extended two (2) year warranty for the SUMMIT+® with registration of the unit serial number on our website for the two year warranty. Otherwise a standard one (1) year warranty will apply. The original Summit has a one (1) year warranty. Vapium LITE also has a standard warranty of one (1) year.

If such a defect is found, an exchange or repair to the device in question will be issued to the discretion of the manufacturer. Valid proof of purchase from an authorized retailer will be required.  We do not offer refunds on used products. The warranty does not cover water damage. Please note that mouthpieces are a consumable part and are not covered by the warranty. All warranted items must have been purchased from our website (, an authorized online distributor, or authorized retail location. 

Customers are responsible for any return shipping costs incurred during warranty service, Vapium Inc will cover all replacement shipments. Customers outside of North America are responsible for all shipping costs incurred during warranty service.

In the event that servicing is required due to defect, please contact our customer support department for assistance. Please provide a detailed description of your issue, as well as a copy of the sales receipt as well as the unit serial number to confirm that you are covered by our warranty.