What type of heating system is used in SUMMIT®+?
SUMMIT®+ utilizes a conduction system that heats the aromatic material through direct contact.

What materials are used in the SUMMIT+® vapor pathway?
The vapor pathway is constructed text from premium medical-grade components. It features a continuous laser welded 317 stainless steel vapor pathway  with aerospace materials contacting the heating chamber that do not out gass, such as PAI (Polyamide-imide). The housing of the  device is manufactured from a high temperature medical polycarbonate.

What kinds of materials work best for vaporizing in the SUMMIT®+?
Dry aromatic blends that are ground to a fine consistency work best in SUMMIT®+, just as you would in making an expresso.

How much material should be filled into the heating chamber?
The heating chamber should optimally be filled to the top, with the aromatic blend loaded fairly tight and the magnetic lid firmly in place.

Can the SUMMIT®+ be used while charging?
Yes! Our versatile design means we included pass through charging and you can keep using your SUMMIT®+while it recharges.

What is the maximum temperature of the SUMMIT®+?
The preset temperatures of SUMMIT®+ allow it to operate as high as 446°F /230°C and includes a temporary boost function for operation up to 240°C/480 °F.

What is the temperature range of the SUMMIT®+?
The heating chamber temperature for the SUMMIT®+ is adjustable in eight settings from 320°F (160°C) to 446°F (230°C). Also use our APP to fine the temperature beyond the 8 preset temperatures.

How is the temperature of the SUMMIT®+ adjusted?
Temperature presets are adjustable by pressing the + and – buttons. The heating chambers’ preset temperature is maintained using an advanced microcontroller and sensor. From the APP, you can use the temprature gauge to choose the exact temperature you want.

How long is the warranty of the SUMMIT®++ ?
The warranty is for a period of 2 years.

Is the battery replaceable?
The rechargeable internal battery is non-replaceable.

How long does a battery charge last?
The SUMMIT®+ lasts for 2 hour of continuous use when fully charged.

How long does it take to charge?
The SUMMIT®+will fully charge in about 2 hours using the provided USB charger.

How do I clean the SUMMIT®+?
The SUMMIT®+ is very easy to clean. Simply remove the magnetic mouthpiece, use the loading tool to pick out the filter screen inside the heating chamber and run an elongated cleaning brush through the mouthpiece opening into the vapor tube and the bottom of the heating chamber. To replace the filter screen, place it on top of the heating chamber and use the filling end of the loading tool to push it into the bottom of the chamber, ensuring it is securely pushed against the chamber’s base.

What is haptic feedback?
Our groundbreaking haptic feedback notification system vibrates the SUMMIT®+ upon powering up, powering off and also three times prior to the end of the heating chamber cycle time, letting you know its GO time! Haptic feedback  lets you press the GO button, put the SUMMIT®+ in your pocket or purse, and when it vibrates you are ready to GO! with the aromatic materials heated to your desired temperature.

Can I use liquids in the SUMMIT®+ heating chamber?
The SUMMIT®+ is not suited for use with liquids and is geared towards dry aromatic blends.

Does SUMMIT®+ feature automatic shut-off?
The SUMMIT®+’s automatic shut-off timer powers down after 30 minutes of standby. You will then need to press and hold the GO Button for 3 seconds to restart the heating process. In standby mode the SUMMIT®+ uses minimal power and disables the heating element while it awaits your instructions.

What voltage is the USB wall charger?
The new SUMMIT®+ does not include a wall charger as this is considered e-waste and the device can be recharged with any existing USB wall charger or port.